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Ways of incorporating change in workouts
There is no fixed method of changing workout routines as there are thousands of factors which make each situation unique. The basic rule should be to retain the original structure of the workouts (if your goals remain the same) and make several small changes within.

If you were doing dumbbell presses before then personal trainers in Rushcutters Bay will tell you to switch over to inclined barbell presses or the machine press. If you are doing barbell curls then you could vary your position and start doing seated barbell curls. In the same way you can incorporate lunges instead of squats and do t bar row instead of cable rows.

Point to remember
It’s essential that you shouldn’t drastically change any element of your workout before taking the prior permission of your personal trainer Rushcutters Bay. If you try out unsupervised exercises without observing proper precautions then you may end up hurting yourself. It’s essential to understand the logic behind change and the specific processes to incorporate the change.

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